New! Natural ketchup “Gostryi Chili” - especially delicious, especially hot and 100% natural.

TM “Makmay” expands the product line of Natural ketchups, for those who care about their health and cannot refuse to eat some hot food - represent 100% natural ketchup “Gostryi Chili”. This ketchup is really hot - natural capsicum extract in combination with a pleasant sweet taste of juicy tomatoes, bring real fire and passion to your meals!

Like the rest of TM “Makmay” natural ketchups, ketchup “Gostryi Chili” contains no starch, preservatives or dyes, it is rich in plant fiber. The composition of “Gostryi Chili” includes natural dietary fiber and natural pectin. Benefits of fiber for health are obvious - it helps to normalize the digestion and excretion of excess cholesterol, and also stimulates the body toning. That's why ketchup “Gostryi Chili” from TM “Makmay” is not only tasty, but also useful!