“Professional” series of TM “Makmay” is a true professional for professionals!

The “Prime-product” company expands the range of the “Makmay” brand and creates a Professional line, designed specifically for the HoReCa segment.

It's no secret that there are specific requirements for consistency, adaptability and maintaining consumer characteristics for  the foodservice products, both during cooking and storage and during transportation.  Based on the requirements and wishes of the leading chefs of catering companies, technologists of “Prime-product” created a whole range of products, which includes:

  • mayonnaise “Provansal Professional” 67%
  • mayonnaise “Salatnyi Professional” 30%
  • ketchup “Lagidnyi Professional”
  • sauce “Tomatnyi Professional”
  • tomato paste “Domashnya Professional” 25%

All products offered by “Prime-product” pass required research in laboratory and industrial conditions, and only after a positive conclusion go into series production and become available to consumers. The new “Professional” series of TM “Makmay” received positive research results and appreciated by the chefs, who were involved as experts.