Tomato paste “Domashnya” of TM “Makmay” was awarded an honorary quality mark by independent testing.

Tomato paste “Domashnya” of TM “Makmay” got an “excellent” mark in evaluation, conducted by Research Center of Independent Consumer Expertise ”Test”, which took place in March 2014. Testing is conducted for the consumers so they could realize their right to get an independent and reliable information about the real quality of goods and services.

13 brands of tomato paste took part in the test, which was assessed by labeling and packaging, tested in the laboratory, degusted. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the “Makmay” tomato paste does not contain starch, coloring agents and stabilizers. Tomato paste also meets all organoleptic requirements.

The reward for us was the Quality Mark on the packaging of tomato paste, which will help you not to get confused and choose the best product.

High quality of products produced by TM “Makmay” - is an achievement of all professionals who design and produce it.