Tomato paste “Domashnya” 25%

Tomato paste “Domashnya” 25% of the TM “MakMay” is a high quality tomato paste made of pureed cooked tomatoes according to traditional recipes. Tomato paste of TM “MakMay” contains nothing but tomatoes, it is sweet, well-concentrated and has a thick consistency.

Tomato paste “Domashnya” 25% of the TM “MakMay” matches well with meat, poultry, vegetables, rice, pasta, and it is indispensable for cooking a delicious Ukrainian borsch. Using of it in cooking gives a mild tomato taste and pleasant flavor to the dish.

Energy value of 100 g of product: 331,0 kJ (79,0 kcal).
Nutritional value of 100 g of product: carbohydrates – 15,8 g.
Our advantage
  • has no starch
  • has no artificial colors
  • has no GMO or E-numbers
  • has no flavorings and flavor enhancers
  • has no the addition of applesauce
  • a winner of independent comparative testing of tomato paste, is awarded an honorary “Quality Mark” rated as Excellent in the Center of Expertise TEST
  • by the traditional recipe
  • has a thick consistency
  • made of ripe Kherson tomatoes
  • dry solids content - 25%
  • has a natural content of vitamins and minerals
  • apply European quality and food safety control standard
  • apply the highest standards of production